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What do we teach in PSHE at St Paul's C of E Primary School?












Our Reception children learn about these areas of PSHE through cross-curricular teaching which is taught throughout the year.

RSE: Our lives/our day

Golden Rules

Who are the people in my family?

What makes me special? - Learning to Work as Part of a Team

What makes a good friend? - Friendships & Relationships

How am I different/same as other people?

Facial expressions – learning to recognise them

What do we call the different parts of our bodies? - Differences between boys and girls

Taking responsibility – other people need/want us to help them

Expect Respect

DATE: Healthy Eating & the importance of physical activity - What do I need to grow healthy & strong?

HEALTH: Keeping ourselves clean

Medicines – what is safe to put into our bodies? People who help us when I am poorly

People Who Help Us? (Emergency Services)

E-SAFETY: Think U Know

Year 1


RSE: Growing & Changing

Growing Up – Families who Care

Safety – when to say no


HEALTH: Keeping clean – dentist visit

Food hygiene







Staying Safe Online – Rules

Digital Literacy – Internet Posters & Simple Rules

Personal Information – Keep it Private

Who to Report a Concern to?

Avators/Real People


RSE: Expect Respect

DATE: Medicines & Safety & who gives us medicines

Staying healthy


Year 2


RSE: Friendships & Feelings

HEALTH: Hygiene -Hand washing

Healthy Eating - Different Food Groups

Importance of regular exercise


RSE: Growing up.

Name parts of female & male human body.

Different types of families.

Human & Animal offspring.

DATE: Medicines & Keeping Safe

HEALTH: Road Safety

RSE: Keeping Safe

Safety of self & others.

People & different situations.

When to say no, scenarios.

Expect Respect

Year 3


RSE: Peer Relationships


Expect Respect

DATE: Why do people smoke?

Physical effects of smoking.

How to keep safe

HEALTH: Nutrition & Importance of Exercise


RSE: Peer Relationships

DATE: Medicines are drugs – know the difference!

Positive & negative effects of drugs.

Identifying dangers.

HEALTH: Teeth & Oral Hygiene



RSE: Growing up –naming body parts.

Understanding different types of families.

Touching, a right to say no.

Personal Space & respect for others

Friendships & Feelings.

Who Can I talk to?

Human Lifecycle

HEALTH: Swimming

Identifying Dangers

Year 4


RSE: Feelings – Angry & Happy

Friendships – Own actions & conflicts












DATE: Alcohol & Tobacco Abuse

Keeping Safe

Safety in the Home – range of legal drugs

Facts & Myths about drugs

Peer Pressure

HEALTH: Feeling good about myself (self-esteem & body image)

Skeletons & Muscles

RSE: Growing Up, Responsibilities as we get older



A new life begins – how a baby is made?

Conception & Birth

Expect Respect







Year 5



RSE: Friendship – being a good friend, sustaining a friendship

Friendships & Peer pressure

Who can help us?


HEALTH – looking after our bodies (child – grandparent)






DATE: Effects on the human body

Legal & illegal drugs.

Alcohol Units & its effect

Peer pressure – risk taking & making own judgements

Stereotyping: Attitudes & beliefs in society

HEALTH: Basic 1st Aid (St John’s Ambulance Service, 2 year cycle


RSE: Relationships with families

Friendship – being a good friend, sustaining a friendship

Strong feelings – anger, grief, envy

Feeling safe



Personal Hygiene

Asking for help

Name reproductive organs

Single Sex – Question time

Expect Respect

Year 6


RSE: Feelings & Friendships

HEALTH: Impact of diet & exercise on our bodies


RSE: Feelings.

Good Friendships

Actions affect others.

Attraction & Love

Diversity of Families - Marriage

Puberty Changes: Name body parts

HEALTH: Hygiene – increased need for personal hygiene



RSE: Sexual intercourse – reinforce pupils’ knowledge

Conception and birth

Responsibilities of having a baby.


Gender & Stereotypes

Expect Respect

DATE: Attitude & beliefs to drugs

Alcohol & Tobacco

Personal Safety & Risk Taking

Making the Right Choice – roles & responsibilities

Help, advice & support

HEALTH: Disease – HIV & AIDS

Safety: recognising risk in different situations