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School Council

St Paul's School Council for 2018-2019


Our School Council plays an important part in the everyday life of St Pauls.


We meet on Thursday lunchtimes with Mrs Bramley.  If you have ideas or issues you would like the School Council to discuss, please talk to your Class Representative.


How does our School Council work?

School Council members are elected, by vote, by their classmates to represent each class. We meet on Thursday lunchtimes to talk about things we think are important to us in our school community. If there is something we feel that could be improved, we will decide upon a plan of action and present it to our Headteacher and Class Teachers to discuss if an idea is possible to put into action.


We have a 'Chairperson' who is in charge of meetings and a 'Secretary' who writes the notes of what we discuss. These are called the School Council Minutes and we share them on our School Council noticeboard.


After meetings we report back to our classes and keep our friends informed of discussions and forthcoming events that we would like to plan. We have lots of ideas and work sensibly in meetings to prioritise what we feel is most important for our school.


Mrs Bramley helps us, throughout the year, with our School Council work.



Here are our School Council at work!

Picture 1
Picture 2



Thanks for reading our web page and if you have any ideas you would like to share, please talk

to your Class Representative and Mrs Bramley.

School Council meet Mrs Anne Coffey MP


Mrs Coffey MP met with our School Council to discuss her role in Parliament and how similar it is to the work and responsibilities that our Class Representatives have here in St Paul's.  


Everyone agreed that listening to others' opinions and ideas is important.  We talked about recognising that although two sides may not always agree, everyone's thoughts are equally important and that we must learn to respect one another.

School Council sharing ideas with Mrs Anne Coffey MP

School Council sharing ideas with Mrs Anne Coffey MP 1