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Year 2 GB

Welcome to Y2GB


The adults in your classroom will be:


Class teacher: Mrs Bramley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Clarke

Sports coach: Mr Stevenson

Intervention teacher: Mrs Cooper


On Wednesdays Mrs Bramley will take some time out of class for her Phase Leader duties and Mrs Grainger will be teaching the class.

Hello, I am Mrs Bramley.                                        

I love my family and watching them                        

play rugby and basketball.                                       

My favourite colour is sparkly pink.                       

My favourite food is salmon.                                                                    



Hello, I'm Ms Grainger.

I like walking along coastal paths and in the hills.

My favourite colour is red.

My favourite food is chocolate!

Hello, I am Mrs Clarke.

I love to cook and going on long walks with my family.

My favourite colour is sky blue. 

My favourite food is anything with cheese in it!

We are looking forward to meeting you all in September when we will be altogether in Year 2.


Other teachers you may work with:


Hello, I am Mrs Cooper.

I am an Intervention teacher in Years 1 and 2.  

I will be working alongside your child's class teacher to reinforce learning in phonics, maths and writing in a small group setting.

Reading in Year 2

At St Paul's we love reading! Our goal is to instil a life-long love for reading and we want our children to take pleasure in all that reading can bring. Reading at St Paul's is designed to develop and enable ALL children to reach their full potential. We aim for our children to leave school as confident and fluent readers.


We introduce children to a variety of literature through structured guided reading lessons, storytime, links with the local library, celebrating world book day and books are used as a stimulus for learning in other areas of the curriculum. 


We know how important it is to hear children read.  Our reading sessions are designed so that each child can read and discuss a book with the teacher and class teaching assistant. Children will also have opportunities to read with a reading volunteer where possible.


We value the contributions parents and carers make to the teaching of reading. Each child has a reading record which parents/carers and teachers complete. This record is a means of communicating about your child’s reading.



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The children will have a daily maths lesson in class, including mental arithmetic challenges.  In September, we begin with Place Value.  

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