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Year 3 Miss Emmett


We are looking forward to seeing you in September. We hope you are excited about starting your new class.


The adults you will be working with in Year 3 are:


Miss Emmett  (class teacher)

Miss Palmer   (teaching assistant)

Mrs Atkinson  (teaches all day Wednesday and Thursday morning)

Miss Styan     (Year 3 intervention teacher)

Mrs Granger   (Year 3 intervention teacher)

Mr Stevenson (sports coach Friday afternoon PE)

Miss Emmett


Hello! I have lots of interests. I enjoy dancing, running, swimming and listening to music. I also watch lots of films and like to go to the cinema. Sometimes I go out on bike rides and long walks. I love being at the seaside or relaxing in my garden.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and finding out all about your hobbies and interests. I hope you all have a really great summer holiday. See you all soon!


Mrs Atkinson


Hello!  I live with my husband, two children and a dog.  I enjoy spending time with my family, running and walking my dog.  I like to try and learn something new every day.

I am looking forward to working with you again next school year.  Have a great summer.  See you all in September!



You can pay for school tuck or you can bring your own healthy snack from home. Please do not bring crisp, chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks. 

Water Bottles


It is important to stay hydrated and drink little and often during the day so remember to bring your water bottle every day. You should take it home after school and clean it. Please do not leave them at school. Please only bring water and not juice.



At the moment, Mr Stevenson (our sports coach) will be teaching PE on Friday afternoons. He tries to teach outside as much as possible, unless the weather is very rainy or icy. Make sure your PE kit contains clothes that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lessons.

Rainy Days


Make sure you are always prepared for the weather when you come to school. We have a morning play time, we play outside at lunch times and often go outside for a short break in the afternoon. Some of our lesson activities will take place in the school grounds too. Make sure you come to school with a coat and sensible shoes. If the weather is very rainy, you can come in boots or wellies and bring a spare pair of shoes to change into. We may play outside in light drizzle, but when the weather is very wet, snowy or icy, you will play inside your classroom and be supervised by a Mid-day assistant.

Our First Topic


Our first topic will be called 'We are all God's Creatures'. We will be learning about 'living things' in Science, 'personal hygiene and nutrition' in PSHE, and how to evaluate, design and make healthy foods in DT. We will learn lots of reading and writing skills to help us find out lots of interesting facts.