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Year 6LB

Welcome to Year 6.

We are so excited to welcome you back in September - your final year!

Firstly, let's introduce you to your Year 6LB staff team.

Year 6LB Staff

When you arrive back to school in September, your classroom will look a little different but our learning and class activities will be very similar to your experiences from Year 5.

Our Classroom

If you have any questions, worries or would just like to get in contact, please email Mrs Bouchier at this email address:

Keeping Ourselves Healthy and Safe


Wash our hands

We will be continuing to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day; at the beginning of the day, before and after play, before lunch, after lunchtime play, before we go home, if we sneeze or cough and of course when we pop to the toilet.


Play with our year group 

At break and lunchtime, we will play in our own area with Mr Moran's class.



We will have our lunch in the classroom (either a school dinner or packed lunch).


This will feel a little different, but will quickly feel familiar and will keep us all well.


Our Learning


As well as Literacy and Numeracy, we will share our experiences and nurture our well being; explore our history and the physical world; develop our scientific skills; continue building on our French knowledge; strive to become better musicians; explore faiths; improve our fitness and sports skills and much, much more... I can't wait!

On our first day back


All you need to bring is a bag with your water bottle in and your lunch if you are having a packed lunch. 




Also, remember a waterproof, as we will be playing outside as much as we can, even if it is wet.


Send an email to us!


We would really like to hear from you, too. If you want to send us an email to tell us about your family, your favourite subjects and what you like to do at home - we would love it!

Please email Mrs Bouchier at and she will share it with the rest of the team.

So, have a lovely summer (whatever you are up to), stay safe and see you in September for our Year 6 adventure!