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Easter week 2024

Easter Week 2024


Welcome to our Easter Week page.

Every day, there will be stories, prayers and activities to explore, running all the way up to Easter Day.













Palm Sunday - Welcoming a saviour and a king



The proud donkey carried Jesus down the road and into Jerusalem. He had never carried anyone on his back before, let alone a king! Everyone was cheering and clapping. In their hands they waved palm branches and shouted “Hosanna! Hosanna!”

He was the one everyone had been talking about. He was going to save them from their enemies. But how? He didn’t have an army, nor a shield or armour.

Jesus was a heavenly king who was riding, not on a tall horse, but on a small donkey. He carried love, forgiveness and peace instead of swords and weapons.

An earthly king would capture his enemies; Jesus came to set them free and lead them towards Heaven.




Why did Jesus ride a donkey?

To fufill the prophecies from hundreds of years earlier (Zechariah 9:9 "... your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey..”)


Why were the crowd waving palms?

It was a sign of welcome or celebration.


What does Hosanna mean?

It means 'save us!'


Palm Sunday Prayer


Dear Jesus, we thank you!

You did not enter Jerusalem on the back of a war horse, but humbly and on a donkey.

You knew that you were surrounded by enemies, yet you came in peace. 

We pray that today your ‘kingdom may truly come’ so that the whole world can live in peace. 






The Donkey challenge

Can you find a creative way of making a donkey? Try Lego/junk-making/pasta picture/toilet roll donkey/play dough /cakes or even knitting.


Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click below. 


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.






Do the right thing


Monday - Jesus clears the Temple courts


An exhausted donkey and a weary Jesus arrived at Jerusalem, looking forward to a rest and a visit to the Temple to pray. As they approached the Temple, Jesus became more and more cross. What he saw were people buying and selling their goods and as a result, blocking people from entering the Temple to pray. He was so angry that he marched through the Temple courts overturning the tables to put a stop to it all.


He told them, "It is written that the Lord said, "'My house will be called a house where people from all nations can pray, but you have made it a den for robbers.'”


The religious leaders (the Pharisees) were shocked! “Who does this man think he is?” They began talking among themselves and criticising all that Jesus was saying and doing.


After Jesus had completely emptied the Temple, he began to teach all about Heaven and His father, God, and he healed many people of their illnesses and disabilities. Many praised His name, which made the Pharisees even more angry. Something had to be done!




Why was Jesus so angry?

The Temple was a place for prayer and people were making money for themselves whilst stopping people from praying.


Why did the Pharisees feel that something had to be done?

Jesus was a threat to them as they believed he was trying to turn people away from them and what their religion stood for.


Monday prayer


Dear Jesus

We are sorry when we do not stand up for what is right.

Give us wisdom to know when to speak up for what we believe in, 

and courage when that feels too hard or scary.

Thank you so much for all the key workers who are doing the right thing so selflessly at the moment.

Please keep them and their families safe and well.




Design a poster to support one of the groups of people who are doing the right thing at the moment, such as all who are working in hospitals, care homes, supermarkets and other food stores, drivers, police, teachers and anyone else that you might know. Pop it in a window to show your support.







Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click below. 


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.









Serving others 

Tuesday – This is what love looks like


The disciples were so excited. Jesus had invited them to a secret supper. By the time they had arrived, their feet were filthy from the long walk along the dusty roads. What a relief that there would be a servant waiting, who could wash their tired feet for them before they ate. After all, they were having supper with a king!


But, there was no servant waiting…instead, Jesus was kneeling on the floor with a bowl of soapy water and a towel. Can you believe it?!


He carefully and lovingly took each of their feet, and washed them, just as a servant would have done - the hands that created the world. Imagine how the disciples felt – they felt so special.

“That is what love looks like,”Jesus said. “Love tells people how special they are. When I am gone, go out into the world and take love with you.”


The disciples did not understand what Jesus was saying. ‘After I am gone?’ What did he mean? But they did see what love looked like, because the King of Love had shown them.



Why did Jesus choose to do the feet washing rather than cook some food or serve drinks?

Washing their employers feet was one of the most unpopular jobs a servant would have to do. Jesus wanted to do the most unpopular act of service to make his point about how much he loved them.


What did ‘After I am gone’ mean?

Jesus was hinting to his friends that he knew what was going to happen to him in the next few days, but of course, the disciples did not know anything at this stage.


Tuesday prayer


Dear Jesus

We are sorry when we do not love others the best way we can. Help us to remember Your example of washing your friends’ feet and use it as a model for how we love our family, friends and the world. 

Thank you that we have Your perfect example of love.




Draw around your feet and write inside them or around them who you love and how you can show how much you love them. If you have a plastic bowl and some glue, you could try this example below.




Offer to wash the feet of someone in your household. (If they’ll let you!)



You could serve your family with a simple meal or drink – don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.


Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click the link below.


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.







Wednesday - The Last Supper


The disciples were ready. Their feet were clean, the table was set and they were hungry. But Jesus was quiet and he had a sad look in his eyes as he looked round at his special friends. He knew this would be the last time he ate with them. Jesus picked up a loaf of bread and broke it, as is tradition.

“This broken bread is like my body,” Jesus said. “My body will be broken for you.”

Then Jesus took a jug of wine. The disciples watched as he filled a cup. 

“This wine is like my blood,” Jesus said. “Whenever you eat bread and drink wine, remember me.”

The disciples were confused. What could Jesus mean? They were scared because it sounded like he was going to leave them.

“Do not be troubled,” Jesus continued and explained that he was going somewhere wonderful. They could not join him there yet, but it was beautiful and happy and there’s room for everyone. He was going to get it ready for them.  The disciples were still worried – how would they know how to get to this place?

“I am the way,” Jesus whispered. “Believe in me. Live like me. Love like me, because I am the way to heaven.”



Where was the special place?

Jesus was talking about heaven. A place of unimaginable beauty. A place where there is no pain or suffering. Where everyone is happy and equal and loved.


Wednesday prayer


Dear Jesus 

Thank you that You were a special friend to others and You still are today.

Help us to be the best friends that we can be. Give us wisdom to know when to offer help and support, particularly during this unusual time. And, even though we can’t be with our friends, help us to be praying for them and contacting them if we can. 

Thank you that You are preparing heaven for all of us and all we have to do is believe.




Make a bookmark, a friendship bracelet or a picture for some of your special friends or family. Keep it safe until you can meet up with them again.




Design personalised placemats or a table decoration to go on your dinner table. For each member of your family, draw or write things that you love about them or you admire about them. (Or if you can, print out the one below)



Be someone in your family’s secret angel. Make a gift or ask an adult for a little treat.    

Hide it under their pillow for them to find when they go to bed.



Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click the link below.


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.









Thursday – The Gloomy Garden


Jesus and his friends ventured out as darkness fell. They walked through the quiet streets towards the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus wanted to pray. When he arrived, he broke away from his friends and he knelt down. All was still. 

“Father, are you there?“ he said quietly. “Do I have to die? Can’t I teach the world about heaven another way?” He broke down in tears.

There was no reply. 

Even though he felt alone, he knew God was with him. After praying, he felt at peace. He was ready.

Heavy footsteps could be heard approaching. Angry shouts filled the air. Jesus looked up through his tears to see shadowy figures coming towards him, holding torches to see through the gloom. Soldiers. They were there to take him away. Jesus stood up. It was time to go.


Why did the soldiers come?

The religious leaders were very angry because Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. He criticised them and they felt threatened. They persuaded the Roman leaders to arrest him, claiming he was a threat to the peace in the country.


How did the soldiers know where to find him?

One of his disciples, Judas, told the Roman soldiers where he would be. He was angry with Jesus. Jesus hadn’t been the mighty warrior Judas thought he would be.


Thursday prayer


Dear Jesus

We pray for people who are feeling lonely at this time.

We pray that they will find friendship; someone to talk to.

Help us to recognise when people are feeling lonely and give us wisdom to know what to say or do.

We pray that they will know that you are always with them.

Thank you that you are always with us and listening to our prayers.




Write a prayer or draw a picture of something you’d like to pray to God about.



Make a prayer bracelet (each bead/pasta piece is for something/someone you’d like to pray regularly for)




Decorate a prayer stone (paint names/topics for prayer on stones or pebbles)



Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click the link below.


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.







Love and Sacrifice

Good Friday - The Darkest Day


High on the hillside, Jesus hung on the cross. Long nails pinned him to the wood. A crown of spikey thorns dug into his forehead. Jesus was ready to die, but he was still afraid.

He looked down and could see his mother crying. He could hear the soldiers laughing at him. He cried out. He felt alone. Where was his father now?

The sun disappeared behind a huge grey cloud. Cold crept in. Darkness covered the world. He bowed his head and took one last breath. At three o’clock in the afternoon, Jesus died.

The wind howled and the earth trembled. The mighty curtain in the temple split in two, but Jesus was still.

It was finished.



Why did Jesus have to die?

Jesus was being punished for things he never did. Jesus was perfect and never did anything wrong but because God loves us so much, and wants us to be with Him forever, He took all the sin from each of us, even the sin that was in our hearts, and placed it on Jesus. When Jesus died and was buried, all of our sins died and were buried too. Forever. We are now forgiven because of what Jesus did for us on the cross! Jesus took our place when He was punished for all of our sins. He loves us that much!




Dear Jesus

I am sorry when I think or do things that are not right. 

Thank you  that you love us so much, that you gave your life for us.

Help us to understand why that is so important in our own lives.

Show us how we can live how you want us to live,

and love how you ask us to love.

We pray for all those people who are sacrificing their safety to keep us safe at the moment.

Please keep them safe and well





If you can, listen to a song on youtube by Ellie Limebear "What love looks like" (a link is below)




Create a ‘Love’ Wordle by hand or using Wordle/Tagxedo





Create an acrostic poem about Love or Sacrifice.



Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click the link below.


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.





Elle Limebear - What Love Looks Like

Listen to this amazing song written in response to the Good Friday story.


Waiting and Stillness

Easter Saturday - The Quiet Cave


Two of Jesus’ friends carefully took Jesus’ body down from the cross. They cleaned him, wrapped his body in strips of white cloth and carried him to a quiet cave on a hillside. They lovingly laid Jesus down inside the cave and said goodbye. Before they left, they rolled a huge stone over the entrance. Outside the cave, two guards kept watch.


For three whole days all was still.


But, inside the quiet cave, God was at work. If you had been able to look inside, you would have seen nothing. If you had placed you ear against the stone, you would have heard nothing. If you had tried to imagine what was happening, you would not have been able to guess.

But inside, God was at work. He was doing something utterly amazing. Something only God could do. Jesus waited. The world held its breath and waited with him.




Why were there guards outside the cave?

The Roman leaders were worried someone might try to take Jesus’ body. Also, the religious leaders knew the prophecies and were concerned that some of Jesus’ friends would try and pretend he had come back to life. As part of the Easter story, it was important to prove that no-one went near Jesus’ body.


Easter Saturday Prayer


Dear Jesus

Thank you for the chance to stop and be still.

Help us to pause and think about how you are at work in the world

and in our own lives, even when we don’t realise it.

We pray for those people who are busy working today;

the key workers and health professionals.

We pray that they are able to get the rest and stillness that they need

in order to get their strength back.

Show us all how to wait and how to be patient.





Build a cave somewhere in your house or garden, where you can be still and quiet;

maybe to read, draw or play a quiet game.





Create the scene outside the cave using Lego, or garden debris (leaves, twigs, moss and pebbles).






Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click the link below.


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.





New Life


Easter Day - Jesus is Alive!


There was something special about the day. The birds living in the trees above the cave knew it. The sun peeked out over the horizon and seemed to wink at the world.

There was a whisper, a song, gliding through the trees – a whisper that grew louder as it danced along. It was a name. A name carried on the wind, sailing through the leaves. The birds began to sing, to join the chorus of all creation as every living thing sang the name, the name that is above every other name.


“Jesus! Jesus! Jesus is alive!”


The stone had been moved. The cave was empty. Sitting quietly by the cave was an angel. Waiting patiently. Waiting for two women, Jesus’ mother Mary and Mary one of his dearest friends. They would hear that Jesus was no longer dead, but alive! 



Jesus, the son of God had defeated death, just as he said he would. Just as the prophets hundreds of years earlier had said he would. Jesus, King of the world, was alive again!


Soon, his disciples would know it. It was a special day. The most special day in time.


And one day, everyone in the world would know it. And now, you know it too.


Jesus is Alive!

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!





Why was it so important that Jesus was alive?

God wants so much to be with us. He loves us completely. He came down to earth as Jesus to show us how we should live our lives; to show us what love looks like. He had to die to take on all of our wrong-doings so we can be be free from all our failings when we go to be with him in heaven. Jesus came back to life to show that when we trust him and God, then we can have a new beginning, a new life and then we can be with him in heaven too. 

Jesus overcame death, and we can too if we trust in him.



Dear God

Thank you so much that you sent Jesus to earth.

Thank you that he is risen and if we trust in you, we can have eternal life with you in heaven.

On this Easter Day, help us to remember your sacrifice through Jesus and the true joy of him rising from the dead.




Watch Hope’s song (Click on the link below)


Decorate an egg (if you haven’t begun your competition entry already!)





Create a prayer jar and write prayers on lollipop sticks (or paper)





Start learning a new skill or make a new promise to your family or to God.





Plant some seeds to create new life


Reading challenge

If you want to read more about this story, click the link below.


Don't forget to get an adult to email any pictures to your teacher.


Easter Day extra reading