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Year 5MG

Monday 12th April


WELCOME BACK YEAR 5!!  I hope you had a fantastic Easter break and didn't eat too much chocolate wink


We have a fabulous Summer 1 term ahead of us packed full of learning, exploring and understanding which we can't wait to start with you.


Our new Topic is called "Our Home" and the Knowledge Organiser is below.  The homework will be based around this topic and I'm sure we will see lots of creative and amazing pieces of homework coming in over the next 7 weeks.


Mr Griffiths and Miss Izard

Summer 1 Knowledge Organiser - Our Home!



Hello Famous Fives!


Thank you for visiting the class web page.


From now on you will find your child's daily learning available on Google Classroom.


Please ensure you have collected your child's log in / password details from school.


If you have any issues accessing your school account and the learning opportunities then please contact the school office so we can resolve any issues.


You will also be invited to a 'live meet' session with your class teacher and classmates during the week - this will be announced on the Google Classroom Stream.


We look forward to seeing you on Google Classroom.


Mr Griffiths and Miss Izard




STAR OF THE WEEK at school - Melody

STAR OF THE WEEK at home - Cameron





Our classroom is now an Anglo-Saxon Village!

Still image for this video

Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser - Vikings!

PE Activities to do at home

Here are some Yoga poses to try carefully at home this week! Put them together to form a routine!

Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser for Anglo-Saxons!

Spring 1 and 2 Homework Challenges


Keeping Ourselves Healthy and Safe


Wash our hands

We will be continuing to wash our hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day; at the beginning of the day, before and after play, before lunch, after lunchtime play, before we go home, if we sneeze or cough and of course when we pop to the toilet.


Play with our year group

At break and lunchtime each day we will play in our own area.



This will feel a little different, but will quickly feel familiar and will keep us all well.


Our Learning


We have lots of great learning planned for you in Year 5 with Numeracy and Literacy in the mornings followed by afternoons full of Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, Computing, R.E, PSHE and PE! We will build our skills in these areas and our knowledge through fascinating topics – we really can’t wait to get started as we know you are too!


On our first day back


All you need to bring is a bag with your water bottle in and don't forget your lunch if you are having a packed lunch! 




Also, remember a waterproof coat everyday, as we will be playing outside as much as we can, even if it is wet it won't stop us from going outside! 




We will be doing P.E every Friday afternoon with Mr Stevenson - please come to school in your PE Kits (normal policy applies so no football kits!) as we will not be getting changed in school.  


Please make sure that you have suitable covering for legs and arms as we will be going outside as much as possible for our PE.


We will be swimming again this year and more information on this will follow in due course but please note it will also be on a Friday.


Final thought...


We really can't wait to be with you all in September and seeing you continue to grow, learn and develop into those fantastic young persons we know you can be - it really is our honour to be teaching you! 



Week 1: Friday


Final day of Numeracy this week Year 5 and I hope you have enjoyed the multiplication focus this week.


Using your learning so far check out the questions on the activity sheet below and see if you can find the missing numbers - use your times tables knowledge and put in the correct missing number from the 4 digit x 1 digit multiplication.

Friday Numeracy Activity



Week 1: Friday


Final Literacy activity for the week Year 5.


I would like you to research how to make your own Anglo-Saxon shield using everyday materials (like cardboard, paint, silver foil etc) and then write a set of instructions for how to do it.


If you get chance or are able to over the weekend why don't you try making your own Anglo-Saxon shield! 

Friday Literacy Activity



This half term we are continuing the theme of What Jesus would do? and Can we live by Jesus' values in the 21st century? that we started with Mrs Warboys last half term.


Please look at the activity below and I look forward to seeing some of your amazing artwork!

RE Week 1 Activity



This half term we are starting a new topic of Animals including Humans for our Science.


Please go through the attached slides that show the development and stages that every human being goes through...that you yourselves are going through right now and will continue to even when you are Miss Izard and my age! 


Then try to complete the Timeline activity below :) 



Here are the spellings for you to keep practicing throughout the week and if you can get someone to test you on them at the end of the week.

Today I would like you to practice them by:

  • Finding and writing the definitions
  • Use the words within a sentence (it can be silly)


community                          activity

curiosity                              eternity

ability                                 flexibility

visibility                              possibility

captivity                             sensitivity






Our topic this half term is the Anglo-Saxons and we will be focussing on History! 


You're going to start off by looking at who the Anglo-Saxons were and why they are a big part of our history.


This week I would like you to create a fact file on the Anglo-Saxons finding out lots of different facts to add to if. You could use the questions and resources below to help you with what to look for. Don't forget to send me your work.



  • When did they invade Britain?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How many tribes were they? What were they called?
  • What jobs did they have?
  • What were their houses like?
  • Who are some famous Anglo-Saxons?



Week 1: Thursday


Ok Year 5 you have been doing great with your Multiplication this week so lets move on to 4 digit x 1 digit multiplication!


We can use the exact same methods (expanded or short) to solve these larger multiplications.


There is a powerpoint you can look at to help with the questions if you need to.


Try the questions I have set below using whichever column method you are most comfortable with.

Thursday Numeracy Activity



Week 1: Thursday


Today we are going to look at using Prepositional Phrases.


This sounds very technical I know Year 5 but don't worry - it simply means when we describe where something is happening.


For example:

"Suddenly a bear jumped out of the bushes." The underlined part of the sentence, "out of the bushes" is a prepositional phrase as it tells us where the bear jumped out from.


Try the sentences on the activity sheet below! 



Thursday Literacy Activity



Week 1: Wednesday


Time to build up on our recap learning this week Year 5 to more challenging multiplications BUT we can still apply the same expanded or short method to 3 digit x 1 digit multiplication.


Check out the video link below which explains the short method for doing 3digit x 1digit then try the questions I have set you! 

3-Digit by 1-Digit Multiplication

Wednesday Numeracy Activities



Week 1: Wednesday


Today we are going to look at using Expanded Noun Phrases to really build up and improve our writing especially when we are describing nouns.



a noun = a person, place or thing

adjective = describes a noun


So we can use Expanded Noun Phrases to really improve our writing for example instead of just :

"There was a haunted house."


We could use:


"The spooky, empty house on the top of the hill sat waiting for a brave person to enter it."


I look forward to reading your Haunted House descriptions full of brilliant expanded noun phrases



Wednesday Literacy Activities



Week 1: Tuesday


Today we are going to build on our learning yesterday by solving 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication using the short method.


Check out the video below then attempt the questions I have set! 

2-Digit x 1-Digit Multiplication

Tuesday Numeracy Activities



Week 1: Tuesday


Today we are going to complete a Reading Comprehension all about New Year!


Read through the text carefully and then try to answer the questions using all the techniques we have practised in Year 5 so far.


Hot Challenge:

Once you have answered the questions try to set 5 of your own questions for someone at home to try and answer! 


Reading Comprehension - Text and Questions



Week 1: Monday 


Today we are going to recap our learning on how to multiply a 2 digit number by 1 digit number using the Expanded Column Method.


Check out the video below then attempt the questions I have set! 

Multiply by a two-digit number using the expanded column method

Monday Numeracy Activities



Week 1: Monday 


Today we are going to think about New Year Resolutions!


At the start of every year it is tradition that New Year Resolutions are made.


Check out the activity task below and set some of your own Resolutions. 


Consider both inside and outside of school.  Remember to use full sentences and use your neatest handwriting and presentation :) 



Monday Literacy Activity

Autumn 2 and our new topic - Rainforest! - here is the Knowledge Organiser

Here is our first topic for Autumn 1 - SPACE!