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Week 3


Hi everyone, I hope you have managed to get some rest over the weekend!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me!

Please see below for this week's work.


Friday 29th January



Complete your assessment for the multiplication and division unit.



Get a parent/carer to test you on your spellings.



It is time to write your report about your chosen type of elf or sprite for the ‘Ultimate Guide’.

To help you with your writing, there are lots of things to help you: 

✓ The text about cave elves and the one about forest sprites

✓ The boxed up plan and structure and toolkit

 ✓ Your ideas page

✓ The vocabulary we magpied from the model

 ✓ And, most importantly, your plan 

 Draft your ideas on one piece of paper and edit. Make sure that when you read the text aloud, it flows. If you find a sentence hard to read aloud then so will your reader. Check that you haven’t muddled up the information. Does it sound like my texts? Read it through again to check spelling and punctuation and then write your final draft. 


TT Rockstars

Challenge me.

Challenge a friend.


Golden Time

Well done for completing another week of remote learning! Choose an activity you enjoy to celebrate!


Thursday 28th January



WALT: To plan my report for my elf.

Use the plan below to help set out your ideas. Remember this is a plan! You are not writing your text today!



Find a quiet area to do some reading of your choosing.



WALT: Correspondence problems

Complete the worksheet for today.

TT Rock stars

Spend 30 mins on TT Rock stars today.


What did Jesus teach? Was he a good teacher? Was he an inspiration?

Look at the word document below to help you.

Wednesday 27th January


Divide 3-digits by 1-digit.

Complete the work sheet for today.

TT Rock Stars


Challenge Me

10 X garage.



Create a passport for a mythical creature, there is an example below to help you. 



See how many times you can write your spellings in one minute.

Try again and see if you can beat your last score!



Build your own Anglo-Saxon village using your design from Monday. Use junk modelling to create it!

Tuesday 26th January



WALT: Structure of the Text


Read the text to help you understand how it is structured. Then complete the worksheet to say how you would organise the text. Then challenge yourself to say what additional paragraphs would you include.

See the worksheets below to help you complete the work! 


Read the comprehension text and answer the questions.


WALT: Divide 2-digits by 1 (2)

Complete the work sheet for today.


Today you will be looking at the causes of tooth decay. There is an experiment for you to complete, this will help you to see the effects of sugary drinks on your teeth. Use a hard boiled egg and put them in a 5 different liquids to see the effects they have on the egg! I have printed of the PowerPoint for you to look at. You can take pictures of your experiment!

Create a poster to show someone in year one how to take care of their teeth!


Go onto Getset4PE, click on active families and choose 3 of the activities to complete. 

Monday 25th January



WALT - Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (3)

Watch the video and complete the worksheet.



Group One                                       Group Two

Earth                                               Early                                                

Eight                                                Come

Eighth                                              Some

enough                                             Where

exercise                                           Here

experience                                       There






WALT: Magpie openers and useful words.

Today I would like you to read the text and find some words you like and could use in your work on Friday. I have attached the worksheet to help you complete the table.



Write something amazing about yourself in each of the sun’s rays. As you colour the sun, think about all the incredible things that make you special.

You can create your own or I have attached a sun to help you! 


Draw a picture of an Anglo Saxon village.

You can use a computer programme to help you! For e.g. Minecraft! 

Use the Power point and the web link to help you!