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Specialist Teachers

Ms S Heathfield

Ms Heathfield is our Key Stage One Literacy Interventions Teacher.  Her main role is delivering our Reading Recovery Programme.  This is an individualised, targeted and very effective programme of one to one reading and writing lessons each day.  This is mainly offered to children in Year One and lasts about one and a half terms.  The programme builds children's confidence in both reading and writing and also develops their enjoyment of learning.  Here at St Paul's we believe that reading is an essential life skill and our aim is that all children supported by this programme develop into confident readers.  We want them to learn to read both for pleasure and to develop the reading skills which, of course, are a crucial part of accessing the rest of the curriculum.  Ms Heathfield also coordinates and delivers the TELL (Teaching Early Language and Literacy) Phonics Intervention in Key Stage One.  She oversees the Better Reading Programme, a reading intervention in Key Stage Two.  If anyone has any queries or concerns about reading at any time please call in and Ms Heathfield will gladly help if she can.

Miss K Styan


Miss Styan is our Phase 1 Numeracy Intervention Teacher.  She provides additional support through the delivery of intervention programmes in maths.  As a "Numbers Count" trained teacher she aims to develop an understanding of number that gives a firm foundation for future learning. 


Miss Styan works closely with class teachers and teaching assistants to plan a curriculum that encourages fluency and gives the children opportunities to flourish.


If you have any questions or would be interested in finding out more about Phase 1 maths please contact Miss Styan, who would be pleased to see you.

Mrs P Warboys


Mrs Warboys in an experienced teacher who teaches part time at our school.  She covers PPA time for class teachers throughout the school, teaching a whole range of curriculum subjects.


Mrs Warboys strengths are teaching French and Music.


As part of her role she shares teaching responsibility for Year 4MS on a Thursday afternoon and Year 4MW all day Friday. 

Mrs J Parker


Mrs Parker is our KS2 Literacy and Numeracy Intervention Teacher. She provides additional support through the delivery of intervention programmes in Maths, English and Phonics. Mrs Parker works with children in small groups, usually 4 children, enabling children’s confidence to grow and raising self-esteem, as well as improving academic attainment. Mrs Parker works closely with class Teachers and Teaching Assistants to deliver programmes of work, which are tailored to the needs the children. Programmes usually run for a term. Mrs Parker delivers TELL (Teaching Early Literacy and Language) Phonics Intervention Programme in KS2.

Mrs Parker is happy to meet with parents if they have any concerns or queries about their child’s intervention.