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Week Commencing Monday 1st June - Under the Sea/ Plastic Pollution
These two days, we have been exploring our oceans and looking at how we can help to stop our seas filling up with plastics. Have a look at our craft and artwork. Well done, everybody!
Week Commencing Tuesday 26th May - Famous Artists

This week our learning was all about famous artists from around the world.

Look at some of the fantastic artwork the children have created ...


L.S. Lowry

Creating our own Kandinsky Circles!
Jackson Pollock - Great Fun!


Still image for this video
Monet - Water lilies 



Week Commencing Monday 18th May - Rainforest

The children from Year 4, 5 and 6 have this week been learning about 'The Rainforest'. We have learnt about what makes the environment so special and the animals and creatures that share this humid habitat. We found out about the four layers of The Rainforest and created our own Forest floor, Understory, Canopy and Emergent layer. Enjoy the photographs and our display.

Year 2 and 3 children have also been learning about The Rainforest, helping out with the display and model as well as creating some fantastic pieces of work. They have also managed to enjoy lots of games in the sunshine.

Early Years and Year 1 children have finished off the topic 'Handa's Surprise'. We also made our own smoothies and enjoyed baking with the school cook!

You've Got a Friend in Me!

Still image for this video
Beautiful video and message from some of our children. It has really made all of us so happy to see them all. Thank you.

Happy - St Pauls 2020

A little something from all the staff to all of you - enjoy!!

Week Commencing Monday 11th May - Pirates 

What a fab week! We have had such fun growling, singing, walking the plank (which apparently is a myth) and basically behaving rather cheekily as pirates. Have a look at what our pirates have been up to!

Pirate week

And in Early Years and Year One...


We have been following on from our Safari theme last week, looking at the lovely story 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne.  The children have drawn and labelled story maps, created African necklaces painting bright coloured symmetrical and repeating patterns, painted pictures of characters from the story and coloured and cut shapes, arranging correctly to make an Elephant.  We have sung African songs and listened to some joyful African music.  We made the most of the sunny weather with lots of lovely play outdoors too, including making Handa's Hut. Take a look at the pictures to see some of the things we have done this week. 

Week Commencing Monday 4th May - Safari


This week our learning theme is 'All About Safari'.  Here is some of the great work that the children have created ...


Chocolate Muffins - Yum!


Today the younger children were invited to bake chocolate muffins for everyone to enjoy after their school lunch.  It was great fun and everyone enjoyed being 'master bakers' with Linda our school cook.  They were delicious!



Our 'Master Bakers'

VE Day Celebrations


We celebrated VE Day in style in school, following social distancing rules.  Everyone enjoyed their ice-cream and cake!

The older children have been working hard all week exploring the theme of Safari.  The children have been classifying animals, creating amazing artwork and producing brilliant fact files about just some of the incredible animals that can be found on a Safari! 


Mr Griffiths and Mrs Keane have been very impressed with the hard work and creativity of the children!



Week Commencing Monday 27th April - Space!

The Early Years and Year One children have enjoyed learning lots about Space. We made our own booklets and we have had an out of this world week of fun!

The older children have also been doing lots of activities about space including building rockets, star constellations and UFOs. They have also had the opportunity to do some baking, making biscuits for the children and staff to enjoy with their lunch.