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Year 5/6LM

Thursday 23rd July. Our last day at St Paul's Primary School.

This week we have made our own models of the Acropolis an ancient citadel found in Athens. We think they look great as we tried to capture the architectural and historical significance of this most famous buildings.

Wednesday 15th July. Hello Year 5/6. We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Please find below the last Learning Project for you to complete at home. It focuses on Transition activities that encourage you to reflect on the school year and look forward to what lies ahead. Best wishes Mr Moran.

As we finish reading 'Floodland' we began to write book review because we would all highly recommend the book.

Wednesday 8th July. Hello class. How are you all? I have attached this weeks Learning Project below. Well done and thank you to all of those who have been successful in completing the home / school learning activities.

In Year 6 we have continued to read and share the powerful story 'Floodland'. This week we created artwork that captured the desolate planet described in the book.

We think we look great in our new St Paul's hoodies!

Wednesday 1st July. Hello everyone hope you are all well. Here is the new and twelfth Learning Project for you to enjoy as you are encouraged to learn more about food. Best wishes Mr Moran

This week we designed our own Greek Vases using wax crayons and acrylic paint. The children had to scratch their design into the crayon and could display: the great battles of the Greeks, patterns, huge feasts or their favourite Gods.

Wednesday 24th June. Good morning class. I hope you are all well and enjoying the great sunny weather. Please find this weeks Learning Project which has a transport theme. Keep in the shade when you can and stay safe. Best wishes Mr Moran

Our learning challenge this half term is 'Who were the Ancient Greeks?' and we've begun by learning the key time-line of events and used an atlas to locate Greece on a map.

This week we have been investigating electrical circuits. We looked at how to make a circuit power a brighter or dimmer bulb or perhaps make a buzzer louder or quieter. We then made our own pictures using a circuit to make part of it light up.

Monday 15th June. Hello Year 5/6. How are you all and how are you getting on? I really hope you are all staying positive, keeping busy and managing to complete some of the weekly work I continue to set, Remember to email when you have completed any of the tasks. Please find the tenth Learning Project below which includes activities to prepare you for the next school year. Best wishes Mr Moran.

Take a look at our fantastic artwork. We used paint and pastels to create these volatile looking volcanoes! Great work Year 6.

 Good afternoon, Year 5/6  

Well, we have just finished our first morning with those of you from Y6 who are back in school this week. It has been such a joy to see everyone.

We started our morning catching up and sharing our feelings regarding coming back. Everyone seemed to be really excited (including me - I've been eagerly awaiting seeing you again for many weeks now).

For those of you at home, if you look below, we are now placing work on here that is in line with the learning we are doing in school, so please make sure you check regularly.


Mr Moran



Wednesday 10th June


We looked at the character descriptions of these 5 Inside Out emotions and shared which one we most felt like this morning. It is really important to try to put into words or pictures how we are feeling so others (as well as ourselves) can begin to understand what is going on inside. It also makes us feel more connected and listened to (which must be good).

If you are at home, try to find time to chat with someone else or note down in a diary or just on a piece of paper what is going on in your thoughts.


Maths - 3D shapes

We reminded ourselves of the names of most 3D shapes. We described them using 'faces', 'edges' and 'vertices'. I have copied the pages we covered this morning, below. If you are at home, see how much you can remember. (Hint: one of the shapes is a tetrahedron and another is an octohedron. Google them to see which ones they are.)



This afternoon, Mrs Warboys and Mrs Atkinson are using the BBCBitesize unit for this week looking at Hobbies and school. They are also making an Eiffel Tower out of card - have a look online, if you are at home.

Monday 8th June. Hello everyone. We hope you are all well ahead of such an exciting week. Please find this week's home learning below along with a reading comprehension for you to enjoy. Mr Moran


Monday 1st June

Hello class I hope you all well, keeping busy and enjoying the sunshine.

Next week we welcome Year 6 back to school which will be great. It will provide 

an opportunity to end the school year and bring a conclusion to your time at St Paul's.

It will be good to catch up together and share our 'Lockdown' stories.

Attached below is the new Learning Project with a focus on developing our knowledge

and understanding of the precious Rainforests around the World. 

It includes some beautiful creative activities.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed, completed work and sent photographs. As ever send to...


I will endevour to continue to provide the Learning Projects for you to enjoy at home

even when I have returned to school. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone next week.

Bye for now.

Mr Moran

18th May - Hello everyone here is this weeks Learning Project. I hope you are all well, keeping busy and helping out as much as possible at home. Take care folks.

This week HG has mostly been thinking about ... food whilst reading the Hobbit. I think he writes a good argument for having a fast-food take away near your home. Enjoy your Pot Noodle.

11th May

Hi hi hi everyone

Can you believe it would have been SATs test week for some of you beginning with the SPAG test today?

I'm sure some of you feel some relief and happiness at not doing the tests,

whilst others will be frustrated at not getting to challenge themselves over the week.

Remember that the main purpose of those who are Year 6 was to prepare you for secondary school

so all your hard work has been worthwhile - we know you're more than ready!

Below I have attached the sixth Learning Project and it has a food theme. 

This will be popular as food is something that has become a big part of everyone's day.

Thank you to those that have sent recent photographs which I've also included below.

As ever contact me at...


Keep yourselves safe and look after those special people at home with you.

Mr Moran


Well done HG who has completed some of the Learning project work, enjoyed walking the dog and has completed BBC Bitesize classes. What a superstar!

HG has written an emotional poem about his Mum's feelings during these difficult times.

Brilliant baking by WW who has again been busy in the kitchen this time baking her sister a wonderful birthday cake! Congratulations and a good job.

Impressive work from ZH who has written a great Sci-fi story and designed his own futuristic building. Both tasks from from a previous Learning Project. Excellent work young man!

5th May 

Hello everyone

I hope you and your families are all doing well and taking good care of one another.

I've attached this weeks latest Learning Project which has a VE Day theme running throughout.

The document provides a great selection

of learning, activities and challenges for you to enjoy. 

Hopefully you like finding out about VE Day which is on Friday and are able to celebrate such a special event.

As ever please send your emails and photographs of work to


Have fun on Friday ... at home!

Stay safe

Mr Moran

Well done ZI who has been busy making cakes for Ramadan for her family. I think you'll agree the cakes look delicious!

Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and keeping both their minds and their bodies active.

Well done for completing some great work during your home learning.

Below is the new Learning Project with an animal theme.

This week I have been in School and it is has also been lovely to talk to children about

the work they have completed so far at home.

Remember to email me and include photographs that you send to...


I will look forward to seeing what you send me and I have put some photographs below of

how three girls have been learning and keeping busy.

Take care and stay safe


Mr Moran

We've been doing Space themed activities in School this week.



Good morning to everyone in Year 5/6


It is Monday 20th April.

How are you all? Well it's the start of a new week... which brings new opportunities. Well done for all your hard work

and patience during this unusual and difficult time. I know it isn't easy but stay positive, we will get through this

and before you know it we will all be back together again.

Remember children you can get your parents to email me with what you've been up to

or if you need anything that I can help with.


I have attached below the next 'Learning Project week 3' which includes a task about the

incredible fundraising efforts of Captain Tom Moore!

Also enjoy watching some of the BBC iPlayer lessons which begin today. I am going to learn some Spanish

with footballer Sergio Aguero the teacher. 

Take care,

Mr Moran


A message from Mrs Parker...


Hello Year 5/6

How are you all doing? I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well, and you had a lovely Easter. No doubt your Easter celebrations were very different this year!


I am keeping you all in my thoughts. I don't know about you, but I'm really missing seeing everyone in school. I do hope we can all be back together sometime in the summer term.


Until then, alongside your schoolwork, be sure to enjoy the sunshine (safely), keep busy learning lots of new skills, continue being kind and helpful around your home, rest, relax and most importantly, smile.


Take care,

Mrs Parker


A free resource


Take a few minutes to have a look at a fantastic new book which has been recommended.

Click on the link below to read the free download.

'Coronavirus - a book for Children' is a useful and informative resource that can be shared with others.

I hope you find it useful.


Mr Moran yes

Thank you to ZI for putting in a huge amount of effort to complete many of the home learning challenges set. Here of some examples of English, Maths and Science work she has successfully completed. Well done!

Well done WW who has been very busy preparing her favourite three course dinner. Look at the photographs showing how impressively she has developed her cooking skills. The Malteser Meltdown looks delicious! Great work.

I know somebody who has been really busy. SF has been determined to complete every challenge... completing excellent Maths and English work. She has also enjoyed walks in Reddish Vale, Lego challenges, painting and cooking. I'm really pleased you've kept busy and had fun!

Somebody has been busy learning how to do Origami! Very creative.

Well done WW for working hard to improve your French skills.

Hi everyone in Year 5/6


Today is Wednesday 15th April.

I hope you and your families are in good health and that you've been able to keep yourselves busy with the work and challenges I previously set. Hopefully you had a good Easter despite the unusual circumstances. Last week I was busy in work but so far this week I have been able to complete plenty of outdoor jobs that required good weather. I have enjoyed being in the garden ... in the Sunshine and I'm sure you will have made the most of any opportunities to exercise and get outside.


Please remember children to get your parents to send me photographs of what you've been up to and email me with what you've been doing / your thoughts / your ideas / what you've been enjoying and what you've been missing to...


I have attached below the next 'Learning Project week 2' which includes new reading, writing and maths challenges.

I have also added a link to BBC Bitesize as it includes a brilliant unit on Forces in Science which we were due to begin

in the Summer term.


Enjoy the sunny weather, take care and stay safe.

Mr Moran laugh

Hello to all in Year 5/6


It's Monday 30th March.

I hope you and your families are all well and that you have begun to adjust to the slower pace of being at home.

Not being able to go out is tricky so I wanted to provide plenty for you to do at home to keep you busy.

I'm sure you have daily routines, a chance to relax, a time to be busy around your home helping the grown ups and probably for a short time you might go outdoors for a walk or spend time in the garden.


I have attached below something new called 'Learning Project week 1' which includes Maths, Reading, Writing, Spelling activities and creative opportunities so you can continue to learn at home. You could have a go at a couple of different subjects each day to keep your brain super active.


Don't forget to have a look at the links and challenges which are included below for you to enjoy.

Plenty of other classes are having a go at the fun Lego challenge (assuming you have plenty of Lego at home). Remember once you've completed any work or challenge then take a photo. I would love to see what you've made, created or completed. The adults with you at home can send me any pictures, work or messages to the email ...


Good luck with the challenges. Keep me posted with what you've been doing and I'll aim to update our page regularly.  


Take care and stay safe.


Mr Moran laugh 



Dear Parents/Carers

Feel free to contact me, using the email address below, with any photos of work or craft that your child has created at home. You can also contact me if you have any queries regarding the activities I have set on our class page.

Thank you


Mr Moran

Mr Moran - Class Teacher

Miss Cocks - Teaching assistant


Mrs Atkinson - PPA / Leadership time teacher

Mrs Parker - Numeracy / Literacy intervention teacher

Mr Watson - Maths intervention teacher

Mr Stevenson - Sports Coach



Things to remember in Year 5/6


* School planners and reading books should be in school every day.

* Children should have their own water bottle in school.

* PE kits should be in school all week. PE will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

* Toast or an apple can be purchased each morning (£1 for the week).

* Spelling work should be completed and returned on Friday.

* Homework should be completed and returned on Monday. 



   Reading in Year 5/6


The children will be encouraged to read for pleasure and they will continue

to be reading champions in Year 5/6. Time will be given every day for the children to read and the class will

use Cracking comprehension on a Monday and Tuesday. They will have the opportunity to read

their home / school book daily so it is important they have their book and planner with them.

Please continue to read and share books at home with your children and sign their planner when they

have finished their book.




On World Book day we all dressed as book characters.



Homework will be set every week.

Children will be expected to complete their reading, weekly spellings and times table activities.

This will support their progress throughout the year in Literacy and Numeracy.

In addition to this, children will have homework which is linked to our current learning challenge.

Children will be able to learn points for each activity they complete, working towards a target and earning

a prize when their target is reached.



The Spring term


We have another busy, exciting and successful term to look forward too.

Please have a read of the 'what we will be learning document below.



What we are learning in Spring 2020

St Paul's Whole School Values


Here at St Paul's we have identified twelve Christian values that we believe sit at the heart of our school community.

Each half term we have a particular focus on one of these values.


This half term our Christian value focus is on FORGIVENESS.

              'Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you'.

                                                                                                                                                  Ephesians 4:32



In Numeracy this half term we are focusing on percentages and ratio as well as keeping up with all our arithmetic skills.




Times table Rockstars


In Year 5/6 we have made an excellent start to using Rockstars which is really helping to improve their multiplication and division skills. We are encouraging everyone to have a go at home with the aim to become a Rock legend!

Our new topic is...


                             From Source to Sea - looking at the features of mountains and rivers in both the

                             United Kingdom and the World.


 What are the highest peaks in the UK and the World?

 In which continent is the longest river?

 How are mountains formed?

 How can we encourage sustainability and help to protect the environment?

 We will investigate our own questions as we learn.

 Please see our knowledge organiser below to see all that we are covering.

From Source to Sea knowledge organiser Spring 2020

The Year 6 children participated in the Crucial Crew workshops. We visited the army barracks in Stockport to participate in a number of workshops. The children learnt about some key life skills and how to stay safe. The workshops were about; hate crime, train safety, public transport conduct, saving lives - CPR and the recovery position. Also how to stay safe when using the internet and the dangers of consuming too much sugar. Everyone found it to be a brilliant informative morning and the 'hands on' activities meant we had a great time.

To end our Autumn topic 'Blitz, Bombs and Blackouts' with a WOW we visited Stockport staircase house and the Air raid shelters museum. We thoroughly enjoyed our Evacuee day during which we were well informed by our tour guides for the day. The children said it was the best school day, they learnt a lot and had fun too!

On a Wednesday the children in groups have been learning some key cooking skills and have made an assortment of dishes over a number of weeks. We made Pizza, Pasta Carbonara, chocolate muffins and apple crumble. Delicious!

We celebrated Inter-faith week and Year 5/6 enjoyed finding out about Islam. We researched, produced a fact-file, decorated Henna hands, painted a skyline of Mecca at dusk and ate foods enjoyed by Muslims. It was a special week of learning.

During parent activity afternoon we made gas mask boxes with name labels ahead of our Evacuee day at the Stockport air raid shelter. Thank you those parents that joined us.