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Useful Information

Parent/School Partnership


Parental Help


We appreciate help from parents.  Don't worry if you can only give occasional help, this is still greatly appreciated. 


Parent Interviews


Parent Interviews are held as follows:-


Autumn Term

An invitation to discuss your child's progress and  achievements with the class teacher  


Spring Term

An invitation to discuss your child's progress and  achievements with the class teacher  


Summer Term

A written report is sent home with an invitation to make written comments, or make an appointment with your child's  teacher


General Information


If there are any changes in your child's circumstances that may affect their happiness or progress at school, do not hesitate to let us know.  All such information will be treated with respect and in confidence. If you have any issue or concern contact the school to make an appointment to see the class teacher, the Learning Mentor or Headteacher.



Parents Supporting the Work of the Teachers


Parents are most welcome in school. Types of involvement which teachers may find beneficial are as follows:

  • Help on school visits, outings and special events.
  • Provide transport for out of school activities e.g. football matches (If parents use their own cars, fully comprehensive insurance must be in force).
  • Give talks on specialist areas e.g. fire officer, police officer.
  • Help in the school library.
  • Help with craft/cookery, under the supervision of the class teacher.
  • Help with after school activities.


Expectations of Pupils and Adults


All children from Reception Class to Year 6 are given a School Planner. This contains the Home School Agreement that parents are asked to sign and the school’s Behaviour Policy.


As the bell rings in the morning teachers are responsible for bringing children safely into school and starting the day, so if you have anything you wish to discuss with a teacher, please make arrangements to meet with them at the end of the school day.


We ask that parents give all members of staff the same level of respect as staff give to them. Disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour towards staff and children will not be tolerated and the necessary actions will be enforced.


Dogs are not allowed on school premises.


School Security and Community Courtesy


Brinnington Road is a very busy road. Please make sure your children cross safely.


When coming to or leaving school (particularly when parking) please have consideration for local residents.


The school car park is for staff only and should not be used by parents.


The gates are locked during the school day for the safety of children crossing between buildings.


Multicultural Studies


The school studies faith, religions and cultures as part of its every day work.  The aim of this study is to ensure that there is tolerance and understanding of different cultures.


Provision is made for families from ethnic backgrounds.  The use of the Interpreting Service is available and specifically designed programmes of work are developed in conjunction with the Teaching English as a Second Language Team.  The contact number for this service is 0161 439 5990.


Equal Opportunities


We consider it important that our children are taught within an ethos that values the worth of all its members equally regardless of race, culture or gender.


Pupil Entitlement


A disciplinary code of practice is a collective responsibility. All learning tasks must be organised in a “safe and ordered” manner. Children are entitled to a controlled and disciplined school and classroom. If this does not occur their learning opportunities are greatly impaired.

A happy, well-disciplined atmosphere at school is necessary to motivate each child to give of their best. At St. Paul’s we do our best to create such an atmosphere and we expect and encourage parents to co-operate with us in doing so. This co-operation is particularly important with respect to discipline. Parents are asked to agree to and sign the “Home School Agreement”.

We encourage parents to inform us of any difficulties that children might experience in the home environment or linked to school activities. We would prefer to deal with problems at an early stage and welcome your co-operation at all times.


Pastoral Care


The well being of every child as well as all our families is very important to us. Our Learning Mentor is available to children at all times.  Our Family Support  Worker offers support and advice to parents and families.




At St. Paul’s it is the aim that all children are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum relevant to their educational, physical, or social needs and abilities. We provide a stimulating and ordered educational environment where all achievements are recognised, yet children are challenged accordingly to reach their full potential.

Safeguarding Internal Procedures


At St. Paul’s we follow Stockport MBC’s Policy for Safeguarding Children. Suspicion or allegation of abuse is taken very seriously. In school we aim to provide a caring supportive and protective environment where children feel free to discuss problems.