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Year 4CB

Monday 8th February


Thank you for visiting the class web page.

From now on you will find your child's daily learning available on Google Classroom.

Please ensure you have collected your child's log in / password details from school.

If you have any issues accessing your school account and the learning opportunities then please

contact the school office so we can resolve any issues.

You will also be invited to a 'live meet' session with your class teacher and classmates during the week.

We look forward to seeing you on Google Classroom.

Miss Bredbury and Miss Breeze. x

Welcome to year 4!


Class Teacher: Miss Bredbury



Teaching Assistants

Miss Breeze

Mrs Wilson

Miss Burke


Sports Coach:

Mr Stevenson 


Our school day:

8.45: Start

10:50 - 11:05 Break

12:30 - 1:15 Lunch

3:00: Finish


Spring One Week Four


Hi everyone,


I hope you are all well!

Thank you to all the children who have sent work back. It looks amazing!

Click on the rainbow for this week's work! 

Spring One - Week Two


Hi year 4, I hope you have had a super weekend. smiley Thank you to all the children who have returned work to me last week. It looks fantastic! 

Please email me your completed work or ask me any questions. I will put your completed work on the website for our class to see. I would love to hear from you.



Friday 22nd January



Today we will be continuing to look at dividing 2 numbers by 1.

Watch the video below to help you complete your work.




Get a parent or carer to test you on this weeks spellings.


What’s in a cave elf’s knapsack?

Cave elves have to make occasional journeys to the market in order to buy provisions or seeds for their gardens. What 6 things might you find in a cave elf’s knapsack?

Look at the document below to help you complete your work. 

TT Rockstars


Spend at least 30 mins on TT rockstars today. You can choose what to go on!

Golden Time


Well done completing a second week of remote learning! I have enjoyed looking at the work you have completed! Spend sometime doing an activity you enjoy! 

Thursday 21st January



Design a cave elf’s menu using some of the ingredients given to you as an example on the worksheet. You can make it as colourful and eye-catching as you want!


Use the reading question mat, choose 5 questions to answer from what you have read today.


Today we will be focusing on dividing 2-digits by 1-digit



Was Jesus inspiring because of his actions?

Read or watch Jesus feeding the 5000.

Answer the questions which you will find on the document below.

Wednesday 20th January


Please see below for your tasks today! Remember to come and pick up a pack if you need a paper copy of the activities for this week! 




Please watch the video and complete the activities. We are going to be continuing to look at multiplication. 

Today's focus is multiplying 3 digits by 1.


I would like you to spend some time on TTRockstars today, while you are on it have a go at the following tasks:

  • Challenge me
  • At least 1 sound check
  • At least 10 studios


Where do cave elves live?


Please complete the activity sheet and extension on where you think cave elves live. Remember you can use the information from the text and to give you ideas.


We will be continuing to look at the Anglo-Saxons.

I would like you to complete two activities.

1)Label the map with the seven kingdoms.

2) Create a timeline. 

Use the PowerPoint to help you!

Tuesday 19th January


Here is the work I would like you to complete today



Today we are going to continue with the Elves and Sprites work. I would like you to re-read the text. 

Can you underline or highlight all the features in the text? e.g. any fronted adverbials, adjectives. 

On the worksheet, have a go at drawing what you think the cave elf and toddler elf look like, adding labels to point out their features using the information from the text.




Today we will be continuing to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit. 

Follow the link below and complete the worksheet. 


Today I would like you to look at the function of teeth. I would like you to label the different teeth within the mouth and then find out the functions of the different teeth. You can use the internet to help you or the PowerPoint I have included.


Follow the website link below.

Click on the active family link.

Choose four activities to complete and rate them on your calendar. 

Monday 18th January


Today in maths, our focus is multiplying two digits by one.

Watch the link below to help you, then complete today's worksheets. 



Group One














Group Two













World-famous elf and sprite expert Pie Corbett is putting together The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites. Pie is well-known as an elf whisperer and has researched elves of the Americas and sprites living in Iceland. Your job, should you accept this mission, is to provide Pie with another entry for his book by writing about a type of elf or their smaller cousin the sprite.’

Your tasks today are:

  • Read the text which is one of the entries from his book, looking at the language he has use and the techniques as well as developing your understanding of what elves and sprites are.
  • Match up the words on the worksheet to their definitions.
  • Have a go at using the words below in sentences about elves, sprites, or any mythical creatures of your choice:
    • Foraging
    • Hoarding
    • Tinge
    • Renowned
    • Stubborn



Have a go at the rainbow walk activity, using the sheet. Take time to go for a walk, what do you notice when you are walking, can you fill in objects that match the colours of the rainbow. How many can you fit in each section?


Create a job advertisement for an Anglo-Saxon warrior. You need to hook the reader in, make them want to become an Anglo-Saxon.

In your job advertisement you could include:

  • Title to say what the job is
  • Picture of an Anglo-Saxon warrior
  • What qualities they need to have
  • What weapons they need to be able to use


You can use the template below to help you!

Friday 15th January




Today we will be focusing on written methods. Follow the link below to help you with your work.



Ask a parent/carer to read your spellings out to you and test you on your words from this week. 



Write a set of instructions for making the Anglo-Saxon shield you created on Wednesday.

Remember to use words such as first, second….

Try to use imperative verbs (bossy verbs) e.g. fold, stick, cut

What materials do you need? 

Include clear steps so somebody else could easily make it - use bullet points or numbers. 


I have included a template you can use.

TT Rockstars


Own choice - feel free to send me or a friend a challenge! 



Our value this term below is HONESTY. Download the word document below to complete the activity. 

Golden Time


Well done for completing your first week of remote learning. I have missed seeing you all! Spend some time this afternoon choosing something you enjoy. 

Thursday 14th January




Today we will be focusing on efficient methods.  Follow the link and answer the questions.



Do some quiet reading. Choose four questions from the document below to answer.



Today we will be focusing on apostrophes for possession. Use the BBC link below to help you.


Once you have watched the video, complete the next two pages of the booklet you started yesterday. 

TT rock stars


Challenge a friend

Garage x 10



Please download the word document and complete the activities. 

Wednesday 13th January 


Hello year 4, here is your work today. Monday's and Tuesday's work is still available underneath. Please e-mail me any completed work, or ask me any questions! 

My e-mail address is




Today we will be focusing on factor pairs. Follow the link below to help guide you with the work. 

TT rock stars


Challenge me

Garage x 10




Today we will be focusing on apostrophes for contraction. Use the BBC link below to help you.

Please complete worksheets, recognising apostrophes and apostrophes for contraction. 



Create an Anglo-Saxon shield using junk modelling. You could use cereal boxes, plastic bottles, lids etc.

 Use the ideas below to help you.

Tuesday 12th January


Hello year 4, here is your work for today. Monday's work is underneath should you need it! Please send me any completed work! Here is my email address:



Read today's text and answer the questions. 



Do some quiet reading. If you do not have a book from school, choose one you like from home or find a story from the internet. We will change your schoolbooks via the work pack, if you return them.


Today our focus in maths is  multiplying 3 numbers.


Use the link below to help you complete the worksheet. 



Today in science, we will be focusing on the digestive system.

Watch the video and read the information, below to help you complete your work.

I have attached the worksheet for you to complete!  


Go onto

Click on Active Families - you will find this link at the top of the webpage.

Select 3 activities you would like to complete.

You can ask a grown-up to take a picture of you completing your favourite activity. 

Monday 11th January 



Ethel's good friend will be helping us with our maths work!

Today we will be focusing on 11 and 12 times-table. 

Please follow the link below : 


Choose mild, spicy or hot to complete. 



Please practice these spellings, put the word in the sentence and find the definition.


Group One












Group Two













For literacy today I would like you have a look at this worksheet where the sentences are written incorrectly. Please could you have a go at correcting them.



Last term we focused on yoga. Put some relaxing music on. Take a moment to sit in our yoga position (legs crossed, back straight, hands resting on knees with palms facing upwards. Touch the index finger and thumb together when in sitting pose.)

Take five big slow breaths in and out that last for three counts each.

Think of a couple of yoga poses which we looked at last term. See if you can do these , holding them for an increasing amount of time each time you do them. 



Our topic this half term is the Anglo-Saxons. You're going to start off by looking at who the Anglo-Saxons were and why they are a big part of our history.

Today I would like you to create a fact file on the Anglo-Saxons finding out lots of different facts to add to if. You could use the questions and resources below to help you with what to look for. Don't forget to send me your work.



  • When did they invade Britain?
  • Where did they come from?
  • How many tribes were they? What were they called?
  • What jobs did they have?
  • What were their houses like?
  • Who are some famous Anglo-Saxons?

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for our amazing first Topic - SPACE!