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Who's Who


Mrs A Rogowski - Chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor

Mr S Goulden - Vice Chair and Co-opted Governor

Mrs J Goulden - Foundation Governor

Mrs R Mogg - Foundation Governor

Mrs K Wilkinson-Davies - Co-opted Governor

Mrs S Shore - Co-opted Governor

Mrs T Martin - Local Authority Governor

Mrs E Fishwick - Parent Governor

Mrs L Bouchier- Staff Governor 

Miss J Harrington - Headteacher



Miss J Harrington


Deputy Headteacher
Miss M Emmett


Inclusion Lead (SENDCO)
Mr P Eames








Phase 1 Staff - Mrs Halligan - Phase 1 Leader


Mrs C Brett - Nursery Teacher 

Mrs N Halligan - Reception Teacher (EYFS Phase Leader)

Miss J Baron - Reception Teacher

Ms G Blair - Foundation Stage Teacher (Part Time)



Mrs S Babcock - Phase 1 Teaching Assistant/ Speech & Language Intervention/Inclusion Team 

Mrs N Cousins - Phase 1 Teaching Assistant (Part Time)

Mrs D Wood - Phase 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Fairfield - Phase 1 Teaching Assistant




Phase 2 Staff - Mrs Bramley - Phase 2 Leader


Mrs S Keane - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs H Sands/Miss K Moore - Year 1 Teachers

Mrs G Bramley - Year 2 Teacher (Phase 2 Leader)

Mrs H Cooper/Mrs N Lundqvist - Year 2 Teachers (Job Share)

Mrs J Atkinson - Phase 2/3 Teacher (Part Time)



Miss T Doody - Phase 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss A Jones - Phase 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Maher - Phase 2 Teaching Assistant 

Miss A Rawlinson - Phase 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Clarke - Phase 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Haslam - Phase 2 Teaching Assistant (Part Time)







Phase 3 Staff - Mr Moran - Phase 3 Leader


Miss Emmett/Mrs Atkinson - Year 3 Teachers 

Mr P Eames/Mrs Moore - Year 3 Teachers 

Miss C Bredbury - Year 4 Teacher

Miss M Henshaw  - Year 4 Teacher

Mr M Griffiths - Year 5 Teacher

Mr D Fowler - Year 5 Teacher

Mr L Moran/Mrs P Warboys - Year 6 Teachers 

Mrs E Bouchier/Mrs P Warboys - Year 6 Teachers 



Miss N Palmer - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Forrest - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Cheshire -  Phase 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss C Quinn - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs M Wilson - Phase 3 LSA Teaching Assistant (Part Time)

Mrs S Haque - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant 

Miss C Izard - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Marsden - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss R Cocks - Phase 3 Teaching Assistant









Mrs D Nairn - Pastoral Lead & Inclusion Team

Mrs S Oddy - Behaviour Lead & Inclusion Team

Miss J Reeves - Inclusion Team

Mrs M Burke - Inclusion Team

Mrs S Shore - School Business Manager

Mrs L Bolam - Clerical Assistant

Mrs J Cox - Clerical Assistant

Vacancy - Site Supervisor

Mrs S Hathaway - Breakfast Club Co ordinator

Mrs K Smith - Breakfast Club Assistant


Specialist Teachers/Support Staff


Ms S Grainger - Interventions Teacher - Phase 1/2(Part Time)

Miss K Styan - Interventions Teacher - Phase 2 (Part Time)

Mrs J Parker - Interventions Teacher - Phase 3 (Part Time)

Mr D Stevenson - Sports Coach







Lunchtime Staff


Mrs K Smith



Mrs S Hathaway

Mrs C Gregory

Miss J Graves

Miss N Silgram

Miss C Johnson

Mrs J Cheshire

Miss T Doody

Miss J Reeves

Mrs D Wood

Miss C Izard

Mrs J Bradburn 

Miss R Cocks

Mrs S Wickstead

Miss C McFarlane

Mrs L Fairfield 




Miss K Voss - Cook in Charge

Ms K Lloyd - General Assistant

Mrs S Fernandez - General Assistant